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Learn How to Build a Fan Base and a Following so you can access what's called the Youtube Auto responder! 
You can build a LIST with Youtube!! Just like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp and others and then used those subscribers to buy your offers using the power of Video!!
Listen, Over 1 Billion minutes of Video Ads was watched Last Year and all you want is a small piece of the market! 
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Of the day? How do I scales this? 
We will show you how to  take this higher and create a higher income stream, this training is for those that want to get serious with affiliate marketing This focuses on understanding How to convert or get traffic to your offers !!
Video Analytics Plugin 
Track your stats!! See what videos are converting!! This Wordpress plugin allows you to see how many people are actually watching your videos on your pages, If a video is not coverting you can change the video! See what works!! This is available for download in the members area........
Viral Video Box 
This Software focuses on the social power of video,  If you have a WordPress website this will give you the ability to allow your promotion Videos to go Viral....... If used correctly the Sharing abiilities of Social Media can create a traffic firestorm !!
Zeero to Beero 
You will love this book!! It's written by a struggling affiliate marketer that pushed his way to success! From waiting tables to to being broke! and more! but all that didn't stop him from making it BIG in Internet Marketing!! Read this book when you lose Hope!! Believe, Be Consistant, and Keep Working Success is right around the corner!!  
VidSeoRank Affiliate System 
Learn how to market Products with this system, I will give you the products that I use "currently use" Products that can give you $1200 commissions (If marketed correctly) I will show you how to grow your email list without any tricks! this training alone is worth $997 but you will have access immediatly after purchase.
Most Common Question's Ask......... 
  • Q. How Much Money Do I Really Need to Get Started...
    A. After your initial purchase , Nothing Really....You can start Posting Affiliate Content on Ranked Videos for Free
  • Q. Will VidSeoRank work for me?
    A. Yes, Jusy apply yourself and be consistant and you will start seeing clicks and sales in no time

  • Q. Do I need video equipment to get started
    A. No, you can use the mobile phone camara or just the Video equipment we will show you, I personally don't
    like shooting videos of myself so I use simple editing software and you will see everything I use
  • Do I need any Tech or Computer Skills to make this work?.
    A.  No, All you need is the ability to pay attention to detail, and strong work ethic... let the system do all
    hard work for you.
  • Q. Is this just for Internet Marketing Products?
    A. No, You can use this for Local Business, Network Marketing, Ecommerce Products, and More! It's the
    system of acquiring Free Traffic from Youtube and converting that traffic into sales!
  • Q. Do I need to purchase the Upsale?
    A. No, But we highly suggest it! The Oto or upsale is giving you access VidSeoRank Pro, Laser Targeting Ad software that will allow You to turn Youtube in a Virtual Atm for your Products or services but works super with Affiliate Offers!

 Total Value $997
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Vid Seo Rank
Disclaimer:  Results May Vary, Sales and conversions depend on one individual efforts to pay attention to detail and work ethic
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